Hush Money’s Tales of a New Jazz Era.




This page is intended to spread the word on artists we feel deserve the attention thus feature them at our events and for corporate entertainment.  Please subscribe and check in regularly .


New Project Emerging from The L.A. Jazz Scene:

1923 Featuring Aneesa Almusawwir on Bass


Introducing Jazz Sextet WILBERTA:

Proof that youth is not wasted on the young.  These hot blooded gents fire up our Closing Belle Summer Series Thursday evenings at The Bonaventure Brewing Co.

Take a gander up close & personal.


Released in 2012,

J Rawls and the Liquid Crystal Project is among the cream of the crop for fusion Jazz with an Indie Hip Hop twist.  Their third LP release is no exception when it comes to breaking new ground in these classic genres.


New to many but intended for all.  The Takeover a project consisting of Dj Al Jackson  of legendary Soul Children Fame       ( A True LA Institution) and trumpeter Josh Koslow of Umoja Quintet ( you may be too young ) blend two familiar styles and spawn a mood unlike many. A small teaser of both talented individuals making magic at Amoeba LA on our founding date 11:11:11. Enjoy and share…


Re:Introducing    I Ced’s  “All In My Mind” , St Louis Soul at it’s finest, plus a very talented producer, composer, song writer and essential piece to our Sartorial Sound ! Catch him live at 33 1/3 Classic.


As always, Erik Rico and this fine tune by Marc Mac ( 4Hero )Destiny”.  LA-UK & Interplanetary. Plus a driving force in thirtythree&athird classic.  Follow on Facebook (Of Course)

Keep on following for more artist info.



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