Sartorially Sound II The Licorice Disco Experience By DJ Destroyer

Some of our followers have yet to enjoy this Spring 2013 Edition of SSII! Sacrilege. Thus, we must ensure this showcase which Mr. Aaron Paar had curated for us earlier this year does not fall on deaf earbuds.  Do enjoy and share, as we will be gathering again soon to enjoy these essential sounds at Licorice Discotheque.

Click the image and listen close!

Sartorially Sound Even When Drenched In Sweat

Sartorially Sound Even When Drenched In Sweat


Hush Money & Co. Presents: Don Guapo Jacobs “The Way I Like” Essential House Mix

HM&Co Autumn Winter 2012

Hush Money & Co. Proudly presents:

Don Guapo Jacobs’ “The Way I Like”,

An hour long essential house mix which travels through the quintessential soundscape of those late night, all out, sweat box parties of yesteryear that we so crave. It’s all about the boogie and togetherness we each shared on nights like these, Deep and dirty, not much more mattered.
You can find Don rocking parties in Los Angeles , SF, Oakland, Etcetera, keeping the integrity of the mix foremost in heart and mind.. just the way he likes…

Thanks to the pioneers that paved the way and built this house.
Autumn x Winter 2012