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thirtythree&athird classic, session II.

Thank you to all members in attendance and of course our resident players, DJ’s, NOLA’s  and fellows in fraternity.  April 6th, 2012 is just around the corner, so get those spiffy outfits ready and prepare for an ever-dynamic night of rabble-rousing, culinary cataclysms (in a positive context) and Soul, Soul, Soul! minus any redundancies.

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thirtythree&athird classic. session II

33 1/3 session II

$artorially $ound

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Members are free with one guest, all others must join or pay the price… No literally, we will charge them at the door. So get on it ladies and gents. Join the only fraternal order with a knack for live soul, a polished populous and somewhat ironically dandy sensibilities. We and our wingtips are waiting for you.

H$M 2012